HeartLife Hub

About HeartLife Hub

A platform to advance patient engagement in research and patient empowerment in heart failure​

This platform brings together the researchers of the network in partnership with patients, along with theme co-leads and partners involved in the various research projects/studies of the CHF Alliance and the Heartlife Foundation. The Patient Engagement and Empowerment Platform is co-led by a patient partner and researcher, both of whom also sit on the Executive Council. This platform is responsible for the deployment of the Patient Partnership strategy within the CHF Alliance.

The CHF Alliance Patient Engagement and Empowerment Platform has established the mandate to:

  • Align the network’s priorities and activities to ensure that the network remains broadly relevant to the needs of patients and those around them;
  • Ensure that core principles of partnership with patients and citizens in health research remain the principles that define and regulate the network’s goals, objectives, projects, and activities;
  • Contribute proactively to the design and implementation of the Patient Partnership Strategy;
  • Assist and support research teams, project leaders, and partners to provide seamless integration of patient partners within the Alliance projects;
  • Suggest and help identify, interview, and validate patient partners to participate in CHF Alliance-funded projects and main activities, where appropriate;
  • Provide at least two representatives on the Executive Council and other leadership committees;

Canadian Heart Failure Alliance (CHFA)

 The CHF Alliance is a pan-Canadian, patient-driven research network dedicated to overcoming the challenges of heart failure to improve its prediction, prevention, diagnosis and management. To do this, the CHF Alliance has brought together Canada’s most innovative researchers and clinical experts in the field of heart failure, patients with lived experience of heart failure and caregivers, Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Holders, government, policy makers, knowledge users, not-for-profit organizations, health care providers, academic institutions and industry partners. The CHF Alliance is funded by the CIHR and the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

The CHF Alliance is a national research network that brings together the Canada’s heart failure (HF) researchers and clinical experts with patients, caregivers, Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Holders, government, policy makers, knowledge users, non-for-profit organizations, health care providers, academic institutions and industry partners to improve the prediction, prevention, diagnosis, and management of HF. The Alliance is patient-driven and spans the patient lifecycle, from children to the elderly, from rural to urban, across geographic and socioeconomic barriers. It includes innovative, research projects within an integrated program and leverages clinical expertise, industry partnerships and access to large cohort data.

HeartLife Foundation

HeartLife Foundation is Canada’s first – and only – national patient-led Heart Failure organization. We are a Federal Charity aimed at raising public awareness of Heart Failure, engaging patients, families, and caregivers to provide education and support, facilitate access to the latest research, innovations, and treatments, and advocate better care for all.


An estimated 750,000 people are currently living with heart failure in Canada (Heart & Stroke Foundation, 2022). In their 2016 Report on the health of Canadians, the Heart & Stroke Foundation estimates that 90,000 Canadians are diagnosed with heart failure each year and this number is on the rise. Heart failure costs the Canadian healthcare system more than $2.8 Billion dollars per year – with the majority of those dollars being spent on acute care.